What Is xagt.exe? Virus Or A Safe Program To Run?


The xagt.exe file is an executable file associated with the FireEye Endpoint Security software. FireEye is a cybersecurity company that provides products and services to protect against advanced cyber threats. The xagt.exe file is a key component of their Endpoint Security product, a solution designed to detect, prevent and respond to threats against computer endpoints.

What is the Purpose of XAGT.EXE?

The xagt.exe file is the main executable file for the FireEye Endpoint Agent, which is part of the FireEye Endpoint Security solution. This agent resides on a computer endpoint (like a laptop or desktop) and is responsible for monitoring system activities and detecting potential security threats.

The FireEye Endpoint Agent provides real-time protection against various threats such as malware, ransomware, and other advanced cyber attacks. It does this by monitoring system behavior, identifying suspicious activities, and communicating with the FireEye cloud for threat intelligence updates.

Where is XAGT.EXE Located?

The xagt.exe file, as part of the FireEye Endpoint Agent, is typically located within the FireEye installation directory. For example, in a standard installation on a Windows system, you might find the xagt.exe file in a location similar to C:\Program Files\FireEye\xagt.

The exact location can vary depending on the specific installation settings and the version of Windows in use. However, it should generally be within the FireEye directory in the Program Files folder.


The legitimate xagt.exe file associated with the FireEye Endpoint Security software is safe. It’s an essential part of a reputable cybersecurity solution designed to protect systems from threats.

However, like any executable file, xagt.exe could potentially be mimicked or exploited by malicious actors. Some malware may disguise itself as a legitimate file, using the name “xagt.exe” to avoid suspicion.

How to Ensure Safety

To ensure the xagt.exe file on your system is the genuine article and not a malicious imposter, consider the following steps:

  1. Check the File Location: As mentioned earlier, the legitimate xagt.exe file should be in the FireEye folder within the Program Files directory. If you find the file elsewhere on your system, it may be cause for concern.
  2. Scan the File: Use your antivirus software to scan the xagt.exe file. This can help identify if the file is potentially harmful.
  3. Check the File Signature: Genuine files from vendors like FireEye are typically digitally signed. You can check this by right-clicking the file, choosing ‘Properties’, then the ‘Digital Signatures’ tab. If the file is unsigned or the signature doesn’t match with FireEye, it could be a sign of a malicious file.

In conclusion, the xagt.exe file is an essential component of the FireEye Endpoint Security solution, playing a vital role in protecting computer systems from advanced cyber threats. While the legitimate xagt.exe file is safe, always practice vigilance to ensure you’re dealing with the genuine file and not a malicious imposter.

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