What Is sihclient.exe? Is It A Virus Or A Normal Program?

What is sihclient.exe? 

Sihclient.exe is an executable file which comes with Microsoft Windows OS software created by Microsoft. This File can be described as a .exe extension. Executable files can sometimes harm your PC, so knowing what it does to a computer is essential. The sihclient.exe belongs to the SH Client process and can also be called the Service Initiated Healing client.

The sihclient.exe’s main function is detecting and correcting various aspects of the system that are vital for the automatic update of the Windows Operating System. This File can connect to the Microsoft servers, establish a healing process, and download the tools to perform the healing process.

If your computer doesn’t have this client, the PC might run into an issue that would have been resolved by sihclient.exe, so it is important to keep the sihclient.exe safe. It is also critical to know if the sihclient.exe can harm your computer, whether hackers can use it to access your personal information and if it can be a virus or malware.

Is sihclient.exe a virus or malware?

Sihclient.exe is a legible process, and therefore, it is not a virus, but malware can manifest into your computer through a legible file like sihclient.exe, thereby causing issues. A simple procedure of establishing its nature is checking where it is located. If you cannot find it in its initial location, it might be a Trojan virus you must remove from the computer.

Viruses and malware can be transmitted through .exe files; therefore, sihclient.exe is no exception. We should be careful with the programs and processes running on our PCs in the background because they may be harmful. If you find out that the sihclient.exe File is consuming a lot of CPU and GPU, you must scrutinize it.

Sometimes, the running of this process may encounter errors, but it does not necessarily mean they are viruses, but it is the nature of sihclient.exe files. The errors include; sihclient.exe – Bad Image, and sihclient.exe could not be installed.

Where is it located?

Sihclient.exe is found in Drive C_ Windows_ System32_, folder. It is usually categorized as a Win64 File and consumes 292 KBs of space. This copy can also be located in Drive C_ Windows_ WinSxS_ directory. The overview below shows detailed information on locating sihclient.exe when it’s hidden.

  • Access the C Drive.
  • Open File_ Change folder and search options_ View.
  • Click the Show hidden files option, then the folder and drives.
  • Unclick the Hide extensions for the known file type’s button.
  • Search for the term sihclient.exe in the whole drive.
  • If its location is not C_ Windows_ System32_, or the Windows WinSxS directory, it’s a virus.

How to remove & uninstall sihclient.exe

Having a tidy and clean computer is a significant way of avoiding problems with sihclient.exe. It means scanning for malware and regularly cleaning your computer hard drive using various applications. Uninstallation of the programs no longer in use is also a key way of avoiding issues with .exe files.

You may have observed all the protocols for avoiding malware and virus infections, but they still attack your computer. At this point, you have to remove or uninstall the sihclient.exe; otherwise, it may lead to the crushing of the PC. There are various ways of removing malware and viruses from computers, including scanning using antivirus scanners or manually deleting the affected files.

The manual removal requires you to follow a few steps, which are listed below.

  • If the sih.client.exe is part of a program, an uninstallation setup will be available. You can run the uninstaller, which is located on disk C_ Program Files_ Microsoft_ Microsoft Windows Operating System_ sihclient_ sihclient.exe_ uninstall.exe.
  • If the executable File was installed using the Windows Installer, go to the system settings and access the Add or Remove Programs option.
  • Search for sihclient.exe, Microsoft, or Microsoft Windows Operating System to try and locate the File.
  • Click it and select Uninstall Program to remove the sihclient.exe File. The Microsoft Windows OS program, which comes with the sihclient.exe File, will be removed from your PC.

How do you stop sihclient.exe processes?

The sihclient.exe process runs automatically when your computer starts. It means the only way to stop its process from running is by uninstalling the program associated with it, or if it’s a virus or malware, it can be scanned and removed by a virus or malware removal tool.

How to check if sihclient.exe has high CPU usage

CPU usage is usually checked by accessing the Task Manager. To access the task manager, right-click on the taskbar and select the option “Task Manager”. You will then check on the CPU percentage of the Client server.

How to check if sihclient.exe is causing high disk usage

It is still found on the Task Manager. Click on the Details option and sort the memory section to check the disk usage of this File.

How to check if sihclient.exe has high network usage

You can check this by opening the task manager, clicking on processes and checking the network usage percentage of this file.

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