winmail.dat - Is winmail.dat trojan, malware, or a virus?

what is winmail.dat?
Purpose of winmail.dat:

Process or task name:

Always double check your task spelling if you are concerned about spyware or viruses, as often they use similiar spelling for these windows processes and tasks: winmail.dat

File type:
Misc file type - Not an exe or dll file, but still could be an executable if it is an activex file, script, etc.

Purpose of this file:
Winmail.dat is not an executable program, but a data file, and if you are getting these winmail.dat files as email attachments, then read below. The actual disk location does not matter with this file type, since this is not an executable or file that can run on your computer. This cannot be spyware, virus, or adware related. This data file is arriving as email attachments and may be unreadable data. This is because they are sent as MIME encoded emails, and MIME is a data type that can be unreadable in some email readers or email software. The reason that the email is unreadable is your reader has no idea what to do with the formatting in it, so it looks encrypted. The default attachment for this is winmail.dat. Have the sender send you the file as plain text, and you should be able to read it fine. If he's using Outlook, then he can change the settings for this. He/she is probably sending files in html formats or rich text, and your reader cannot understand it. If you are using Outlook to read the emails, then it should be no problem as Outlook can recognize the MIME type, and the winmail.dat attachment will not occur. This is not considered malware or spyware related, it is a safe file as it is not an executable file. Visit winmail.dat for complete information on this task or process. If you would like help on other tasks or processes, you can view the entire process and task directory here.

What is the winmail.dat location, where is it stored on my computer?
The attachment can be anywhere if you save it on your computer, it arrives as email attachments so this doesn't really apply.

  • Is winmail.dat spyware?
        No, this windows task is not spyware.

  • Is this software task considered adware or malware?
        No, this windows task is not popup or adware related software.

  • Is winmail.dat considered a virus or trojan?
        No, this windows task is not a virus or trojan program.

  • Would you recommend that I remove winmail.dat?
        No, I would not remove this file.

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