nclrssrv.exe - Is nclrssrv.exe trojan, malware, or a virus?

what is nclrssrv.exe?
Purpose of nclrssrv.exe:

Process or task name:

Always double check your task spelling if you are concerned about spyware or viruses, as often they use similiar spelling for these windows processes and tasks: nclrssrv.exe

File type:
Exe program - Files with an extension of "exe" are executable programs.

Purpose of this file:
Nclrssrv.exe is a file which most likely was installed by you on your computer, it most likely was not preinstalled software. The correct file location is also listed below, and should always be verified as spyware writers will often use the same named file or like named files and just locate them elsewhere in attempts to fool you. This file is known as part of the Nokia PC suite software, and if you are accessing your Nokia device or Nokia mobile phone, you may see this this program running in your task list. The Nokia pc suite is free software which makes your pc and mobile device seem like the same. This file is considered safe and is not considered spyware or adware related. Visit nclrssrv.exe for complete information on this task or process. If you would like help on other tasks or processes, you can view the entire process and task directory here.

What is the nclrssrv.exe location, where is it stored on my computer?
The location cannot currently be listed.

  • Is nclrssrv.exe spyware?
        No, this windows task is not spyware.

  • Is this software task considered adware or malware?
        No, this windows task is not popup or adware related software.

  • Is nclrssrv.exe considered a virus or trojan?
        No, this windows task is not a virus or trojan program.

  • Would you recommend that I remove nclrssrv.exe?
        No, I would not remove this file.

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